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Fillable Form DR-500-039 Washington Change of Address

Use form DR-500-039 to change the address on your Washington state-issued driver license or Identification (ID) card.

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What is Form DR-500-039 or the Washington Driver License/ID Card Change of Address Form?

When moving to a new address, you should be mindful of your belongings so that you do not miss anything important. Aside from that, you should also remember to file your change of address. If you have moved to a different address within Washington, you would have to fill out Form DR-500-039 or the Washington Driver License/ID Card Change of Address Form.

Form DR-500-039 is used to update your address on your driver's license card, identification card, and your voter information records (optional).

Why do I have to file a Form DR-500-039?

It is important that you update your address so that your driver’s license, identification card, and voter information records accurately reflect your identity. Inaccurate information in your records may subject you to penalties; it can get you fined, jailed, or both.
If you have recently changed your mailing address, remember to also have it updated. The Washington State Department of Licensing could send you notices and other documents through mail, so it is important that the one you have in your records is your current mailing address.

How to fill out Form DR-500-039?

The form is only a page long and will only require you to provide your personal information. Read through the form first so that you avoid making mistakes in the process of filling out the form.
Reminder: You are required to provide all information that is being asked in this form. The Department of Licensing office may not process your application if you submit an incomplete form.

Personal Information
Input the following on the space provided. You can either write in PRINT, or you can choose to type in your information.

  • Legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver license number
  • New Residence Address (New residence street address, City, State, ZIP code, County)

Please do not input the following here: PO Box, mail-forwarding address, out-of-state address.

  • Mailing address, if different from residence address (Street address, PO Box, or mail forwarding address, City, State, ZIP Code)

Voter information
Submitting this form also means you agree to having your voter information updated. You can choose not to update your voter information record by checking the box in the voter information section.
If you have not yet registered as a voter in Washington, contact your local auditor’s office for assistance.

Affix your signature on the space provided to complete your application. Also write the date and place where you signed the form.
By signing the form, you certify that the information you have written is correct and factual. Providing false information may result in penalties and may get you fined, imprisoned, or both.

How do I submit Form DR-500-039?

Submit your accomplished Washington Driver License/ID Card Change of Address Form to the Department of Licensing office:

Driver Records
Department of Licensing
PO Box 9030
Olympia WA 98507

You can also submit this form in person to your local licensing office.

When do I have to submit Form DR-500-039?

According to law, a change of address must be filed within 10 days of moving to another address. Be sure to keep this in mind and act fast to avoid possible penalties.

Does filing a change of address in Washington have a fee?

No, filing a change of address is completely free of charge.

Do I get a replacement ID when I file a change of address in Washington?

You do not get a replacement ID when you file for a change of address.
You can choose to get a replacement ID showing your new address. However, this comes with a fee, further explained below:

  • ID card: $20

(Enhanced ID card: $20)

  • Driver’s license: $20

(Enhanced driver’s license: $20)

You can visit the Department of Licensing website ( for more information about how to apply for a new DL or ID card. You can also take your accomplished Form DR-500-039 to your local licensing office to inquire personally and have your ID card processed.

Do I have to submit anything else with Form DR-500-039?

No. You only have to submit an accomplished change of address form. You will need your driver’s license or ID card only as a reference for you to copy your card number.

Do I have to submit a Form DR-500-039 if my new address is outside Washington?

If you are from Washington and you moved to another state, then you do not need to file a Washington Change of Address form. You would have to apply for a new driver's license and/or identification card in the state you have moved to. When you file for a new DL and/or ID card, your Washington DL/ID card will automatically be deleted from the records.

Contact your local driver's license office for assistance on this matter.

Do I have to submit a Form DR-500-039 if I have just recently moved to Washington?

If you have just recently moved to Washington, you do not have to fill out a Washington Change of Address Form. You would have to apply for a new DL or ID card to confirm your new address. Visit the Department of Licensing office to have your new DL and/or ID card processed.

Does changing my mailing address also update my address with the USPS?

No. Filing a Form DR-500-039 would only change your mailing address in the Department of Licensing records. You can update your address with the USPS by visiting your local Post Office. You can also have your change of address done onlineor by phone.

Does submitting a Form DR-500-039 also change my address in my vehicle registration records?

No. Changing the address on your vehicle registration records can only be done either online or in person. Go to the Department of Licensing website for a change of address or visit your local licensing office for further assistance on this matter.


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