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Fillable Form Form 907 (Rev. 1-2001)

Form 907 is a form one files with the IRS to extend the statute of limitations for filing a request for a refund of an overpaid tax. In general, one must file for a refund within three years of filing a tax return or within two years of the overpayment, w

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What is Form 907?

Form 907, Agreement to Extend the Time to Bring Suit, is an agreement form issued by the IRS to allow taxpayers to request an extension in the time they have to file a refund of an overpaid tax.

In general, a taxpayer only has three years of filing the tax and within two years of the overpayment. The IRS Form 907, however, can extend that when that time expires.

There are different sets of instructions when filling out the 907 IRS Form depending on the taxpayer.

If you are filing the IRS tax form 907 for any years with a joint return, both you and your spouse must sign this form in both its original form and its copy. You or your spouse can also sign this form by yourselves if you are acting as an agent under a power of attorney. If you and your spouse are in the latter type of arrangement, attach the power of attorney document to the 907 Form.

If you are an attorney or an agent that is signing the 907 IRS Form on behalf of an individual, attach the power of attorney legal form, if you have not filed one.

If you are acting as a fiduciary signing this agreement such as an executor, administrator, or a trustee, attach Form 56, Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship, if you have not yet filed one.

If the agreement is to be filed by a corporation, make sure that this agreement is signed with the name of the corporation followed by the signature of either the president, vice-president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, or any other officer that is authorized to deal with the taxes and financial affairs of the corporation.

Submitting Form 907

The 907 Form must be submitted with a statement of issues that will help in the justification of your request for extension. These issues should be concerning the claims for the refund or credit of taxes.

Note that Form 907 will not be effective until the appropriate IRS official signs the agreement on behalf of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Therefore, it is advised by the IRS to protect your interests in this matter by filing suit (or taking legal action) at any time before this agreement is signed.

How to fill out Form 907?

Where do I get the Form?

Taxpayers who are interested in applying for an extension on their overpayment refunds can find a PDF copy of Form 907 to download, print, and manually complete from the official IRS government website. You can also fill it out electronically on PDFRun.

Filling out the form

In reply refer to:

Since you are sending this form and expecting a response, write down how the expected response to this form should address you.

Tax Identification Number

Input your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

The opening paragraph of the form is a detailing of the required preliminary information for the form. Thus, you must input your complete and legal name (if this form is for a joint return claim, input the complete name of your spouse too).

Then, input your address including Number, Street, City or Town, State, and ZIP code.

Finally, input the desired expiration date of the requested extension.

Refund Credit

This section is where you will detail the claims you want to extend through this form. To complete this form the following details are required. Before filling out this section, ensure that the claims that you are going to list are for taxes that were properly and timely filed and that these claims have already been disallowed.

Period Ended

Input the month, day, and year that the refund credit in question had expired.

Kind of Tax

Indicate the kind of tax the refund credit claim is concerned with.

Amount of Tax

Input the amount that the refund claim allows you.

Date Notice of Disallowance Mailed or Waiver Filed

In the event of a disallowance, a letter will be mailed to the taxpayer signifying it. However, the taxpayer can also have waived that this requirement be filed.

To complete this part, input the date that the notice for disallowance was mailed to your address. If you have waived the sending of a disallowance notice, indicate the date when you have filed the waiver.


This is the part where you may affix your signature. Fill out only what is required.

Your Signature

Affix your signature here, along with the date of signing.

Spouse’s Signature

If you are filing for a claim concerning a joint return, then your spouse must also affix their signature and input the date of signing. However, if you or your spouse is signing under a power of attorney, the person with that power can sign by himself or herself in the line below this. If this is the case, attach the power of attorney document to this form.

Taxpayer’s Representative

This part is for attorneys or other agents that can sign the form on behalf of the taxpayer. If you are one such person, make sure to attach the power of attorney document that proves your authority to act on the taxpayer’s behalf.

Corporate Name

This part is for people filling out the form on behalf of the corporation. Firstly, input the registered and complete name of the corporation you are representing.

Corporate Officer’s Signature

To validate this form for a corporation, it is advised to have two officers sign the form instead of just one. The signature can be from the president, vice-president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, or any other officer that has authority to represent the corporation in financial affairs.

Do not forget to input the date of signing beside the signatures.

Internal Revenue Service Signature and Title

This part is where the IRS official will affix their signature to verify the validity of this request and allow the extension to have full effect.

Do not fill out this section of the form.


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